ZADOK International Church Worship

     "In the womb of worship warriors are made." Worship is one of the first and primary focuses of ZADOK International Church. We know that if we are going to raise and train up the army of God, powerful and intimate worship must be a predominant focus. It is with that in mind that we have built the music ministry of ZADOK International Church.


     The kind of music and worship we strive for is far beyond just a musical performance. We don't want just another "good service", we are not satisfied with just another song list that gets us all emotional inside, we have to seek the face of God until we see the face of God! Our heart for the worship at this church is that through the leading of the Holy Spirit, we would be that generation spoken of in Psalm 24:3-6. A Jacob generation of worshipers with clean hands and pure hearts; not lifting up our souls to false idols but constantly seeking His face.


     Expressive worship, passionate praise, extravagant devotion and relentless pursuit are all apart of every service as we seek with burning desire for more of Him. We firmly believe it is because of this earnest plea before Heaven that God pours out His Spirit during the worship, sometimes leaving us with over an hour of incredible worship full of significant encounters, manifestations of His power and the transformation of people's lives! We are forever grateful before Heaven for the continual outpouring of the Spirit of God!


    If you would like to join our ZADOK Worship Team please call our offices at 817-898-0440 or email us at

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