Young Warriors Student Ministries - 7th Grade - 12th Grade

Every Wednesday at 7:00PM


   We are serious about going after God, and serious about seeing our youth become all they can be! We know God has a specific and awesome plan for the lives of all of our youth, and it is our sincere desire that they would step into that call, and all the joys and empowerment that comes with it.


   We are also all about worship. We believe it is in the womb of worship that warriors are made. Just like David learned to be a mighty warrior while worshiping as a shepherd boy, so can our students learn to overcome anything by finding their identity in God in the place of worship. If we know who we are, and we know who our God is, we will be unstoppable!


   We invite you to join our community and worship with us!


Young Warriors Service Schedule:

   Wednesdays 7:00PM: 7th grade - 12th grade

Pastor Josiah and Anna Foss

Student Ministries Pastors

                                       Josiah Foss is the

                                    youngest son of Pastor

                                    Steve and Carrie Foss,

                                    grew up in ministry and

                                    has traveled all over

                                    the United States

                                    ministering alongside

                                    his Family. Josiah has

                                    always had a passion

for pure worship and a love for the throne room presence of God. He Believes it is imperative to pursue living a holy consecrated life before God and that our worship to the Holy God must be equally Holy and consecrated.


     Josiah followed the Lord's leading and his passion to learn more about God and more about worship and attended CFNI. Josiah spent three years schooling at Christ For The Nations and Graduated there in May 2014 with a bachelors degree in worship and technical arts. He continued his studies and has received his Masters of Theology from SBTSU in July 2017.


     Anna first started attending the church in the winter of 2009 and began to grow dramatically in the Lord leading her to attend and graduate from our Bible College, ZADOK Institute with a bachelors degree in worship.


Josiah and Anna first met in the winter of 2009 and over the years grew a strong friendship leading to them courting in the fall of 2015. On November 11 of 2016 Josiah and Anna got married. Josiah and his wife are now youth pastors at ZADOK International Church and Josiah teaches at ZADOK Institute.

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