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Dr. Steve and Dr. Carrie Foss - Senior Pastors

     Pastor Steve Foss gave his life to the Lord on May 2, 1986 and was instantly delivered from five years of drug addiction. In 1988, he held his first Bible study and after only 12 months, Steve saw over 500 people answer the altar calls. During that time he also started five campus outreaches touching over 120 youth every week. In 1990, God opened the door for Steve to help create Young Warriors, a very successful ministry under Morris Cerullo World Evangelism. By 1993, he began traveling internationally and saw God work tremendously. He has ministered to millions and has seen multitudes saved and even more baptized in the Holy Spirit around the world. More than 200,000 people have now completed his discipleship course. God has used Steve to train over 80,000 pastors and leaders in various schools of ministry from more than 70 nations. As a revivalist, Steve has lead 2 long term revivals, one lasting 25 months in Crystal Springs, Mississippi.  Many testify that they have the strongest encounters with God in their lives while attending meetings with Pastor Steve.


     Pastor Steve has shared platforms with people like Benny Hinn, Judy Jacobs, and Morris Cerullo, preaching to millions around the world with signs and wonders following. It is with this experience and the burning desire to see revival in Dallas/Fort Worth that Pastor Steve and Carrie Foss planted ZADOK International Church on Easter of 2009. Since then they have watched God work miracle after miracle as the church continues to grow rapidly in numbers and in manifestations.


     Pastors Steve and Carrie have over 22 years of ministry experience to millions of people in over 170 nations around the world. They bring their powerful insight to the Word of God and strong anointing for the miraculous with a strong desire to see revival in DFW once again.

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