ZADOK International Church - Pastoral Staff

Pastor Josiah and Anna Foss - Youth Pastors

                                        Josiah Foss is the youngest son of

                                    Pastor Steve and Carrie Foss and

                                    grew up in ministry and has traveled

                                    over the United States ministering

                                    alongside his Family. Josiah has

                                    always had a passion for pure

                                    worship and a love for the throne

                                    room presence of God. He believes it

                                    is imperative to pursue living a holy consecrated life before God and that our worship to the Holy God must be equally Holy and consecrated.


     Josiah followed the Lord's leading and his passion to learn more about God and more about worship and attended CFNI. Josiah spent three years schooling at Christ For The Nations and Graduated there in May 2014 with a bachelors degree in worship and technical arts. He continued his studies and has received his Masters of Theology from SBTSU in July 2017.


     Anna first started attending the church in the winter of 2009 and began to grow dramatically in the Lord leading her to attend and graduate from our Bible College, ZADOK Institute with a bachelors degree in worship.


Josiah and Anna first met in the winter of 2009 and over the years grew a strong friendship leading to them courting in the fall of 2015. On November 11 of 2016 Josiah and Anna got married. Josiah and his wife are now youth pastors at ZADOK International Church and Josiah teaches at ZADOK Institute.

Pastor Benjamin Foss - Worship Missionary

     Benjamin Foss, the first natural-born son of Pastor Steve and Carrie Foss, grew up in the world of ministry, knowing from a very young age he to was called to give his life to full-time ministry. While growing up, Benjamin traveled with his father across the nation and the world, helping minister and serve in many ways. During these trips, he learned much about ministry and the Word of God. At the age of 14, Benjamin began to teach himself to play piano. He quickly grew in skill and from the start began using his gift to worship God.


    Benjamin came on staff and has been heavily involved in nearly every aspect of ZADOK International Church since its launch in April of 2009. As an ordained minister, he has worked behind the scenes in media and administrative tasks, as well as ministering on the drums, keys, and as a preacher, faithfully serving the work of God at ZADOK International Church.


    Always a worshipper at heart, Benjamin also has a passion for the worship ministry, writing and creating music, and raising up worship teams and leaders to minister before the throne of God. He has written and produced five instrumental albums, and played a major role in the Sons of Zadok album, Revolution, which is a full-length worship project. Benjamin is currently in Kentucky, attending Asbury Seminary after having graduated IHOPU in Kansas City in May of 2017.

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