ZADOK Internship Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the internship?

As of now, the ZADOK Internship is free of charge.


When do I start?

Typically, new interns can start as soon as he/she is accepted into the program.


What will I do during the internship?

Interns spend most of their time in the offices. Depending on your interests and strengths, you will spend time learning various software, filling orders, and various other everyday office tasks. Interns will also benefit from in-depth practical and revelation teaching from Pastor Steve Foss, Pastor Al Velez and others. Interns also have the opportunity to be involved in mid-week evangelism.


Is there housing or food provided during the internship?

No, we do not have any housing or living assistance provided at this time. The internship is kept to a minimum time requirement so interns can work to provide for their own living expenses. Applicants will be asked to explain their financial situation and describe their plans to pay for living expenses during the internship.


What days will I be interning?

All interns are asked to come in two days during the work week (Monday - Thursday).  If an applicant is not able to put in two full days, we will ask him/her to work two half days, if possible, to make up for one full day.

Download and Print Your Application Now!!

    ZADOK Internships are an intensive ministry training program designed to equip you spiritually, and practically for your call in ministry. During the program, interns will receive training from our seasoned leaders as the spirit and heart of ZADOK International Church is imparted to them.


    Interns will spend a significant part of their time being trained in the practical, everyday work side of ministry; the office. From filling orders, to leadership training, to media training, to building maintenance and cleaning, interns will experience all aspects of what real ministry work is like, so they are fully prepared for the real world of ministry. The internship is designed to equip you both in spiritual, and practical matters.


    The ZADOK Internship program is a 6 month commitment, requiring office hours equivalent to two 8 hour days a week. At this time, the program is free of charge. There is currently no housing, food or other support available. Interns are expected to financially support themselves. If you wish to become an intern at ZADOK International Church, please print and fill out an application and turn it in to the office Thank you for your interest in the ZADOK Internship Program! We hope to see you here!

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