Heaven's Heroes (Birth - 12 Years)

Service Schedule

Heaven's Heroes Nursery (3 months - 5 years):

Open During Normal Weekend Services

Sundays at 10:30AM


Heaven's Heroes (Ages 6-12):

Open During Normal Weekend Services

Sundays at 10:30AM

     In Heaven’s Heroes, we desire to see all our children moving in the gifts of the Spirit and being everything that God has declared them to be. Our children are a vital part of God’s end time plan and as such, we, the Church, must begin to lead them into the “Holy Place” and not be content with allowing them to remain in the “Outer Court”.


     In order to accomplish this we seek to prepare, equip and train the children so that they will have an experiential knowledge of God and a personal relationship with Jesus in order to fulfill their destiny. Every service we see children accept salvation, receive their prayer language and grow in their desire to fulfill the destiny God has for them, while having some fun along the way!


     In Heaven’s Heroes, we are co-laboring with Holy Spirit to fulfill the biblical mandate to “train up a child in the way he should go” and the command of Jesus to bring “the little children to come unto Me”. We are following in the steps of Jesus by teaching, blessing and loving the children while using puppets, skits, object lessons and sound biblical teaching to train them for the kingdom.


    It is our desire for the children to see their God-given identity and destiny, encounter the love of God, and enjoy His presence in the activities we do every week!

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