Evangelism and Outreaches Schedule

Every first Saturday of the month at 7pm. We meet at the location that we will announce the Sunday before we go out.

The Vision:


    From the start, we knew God was not calling ZADOK International Church to just be another local church, but a missions base. We knew we were called to be focused outside of our own walls, to reach our community, region, nation and ultimately be a part of preaching the Gospel to every nation before the return of Christ. For the first 2 years of the church's existence, God laid a firm foundation, and established a large core of radical believers and seasoned leadership.


    At the beginning of the 2011 Summer of Revival, we knew that at the end of the summer God would be shifting our focus towards evangelism. Little did we know God was going to lay on our hearts such a massive outreach initiative.


    The harvest ready, the time is now. Beginning in 2012, ZADOK International Church launched a massive campaign to win 20,000 souls to Christ. Since then, we have seen over 10,000 people give their lives to Christ on the streets!


     But this vision goes further than just creating converts. The great commission of our Lord is to "go and make disciples". As soon as someone gives their life to Christ, we plug them into our Discipleship Course, which has been completed by over 300,000 people worldwide. Through this incredible, FREE resource and personal follow-up, it is our prayer that we would play a vital role in making thousands of disciples across the metroplex.






How YOU Can Be Involved:


    In the late Spring of 2011, we began taking evangelism teams out to the Southlake Town Center on Friday nights. During these evangelism nights, teams began to develop, leaders started being raised up and more and more of the church started to get involved. It wasn't long before we started seeing miracles, salvations, and the spiritual atmosphere of the town center began to change.


    Now God has given us a powerful new tool for evangelism, the Gospel Script. It is simple, straight to the point, and surprisingly effective! We have numerous testimonies of our own evangelism teams being surprised at the effectiveness of this tool, and now it has become the primary tool we use to win souls to Christ.


    We encourage everyone to come out at least once on one of the evangelism nights. If you have never evangelized before, or never gone out with teams, this is a perfect environment for you to get your feet wet, and learn some key principles to winning souls.


    As great as the evangelism teams are, you don’t have to be a part of a team, or go out on a special night to evangelize. Evangelism is part of the great commission and is something believers should always be looking to do. The best place to look for souls to win to Christ is in your own sphere of influence. It could be your workplace, the gym, a restaurant you frequently visit, that person who rings up your groceries all the time, anywhere you go, there are souls in need of Christ. The best way to be involved at ZADOK International Church, and the Kingdom of God as a whole, is to be actively involved in bringing souls to Christ, even if you are simply getting them to come to church.


    If you have any questions about evangelism, or if you would like to be involved, please call our offices at 817-898-0440.

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